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1 Why you choose OrderJob Sales Rep Order Management for iPad ?

Sales Rep Order Management

Intuitive Graphic Design

We have worked hard to make the application intuitive, to try to create something more “User Friendly” as possible.

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Sales order App for iPad

Easy to use

Everything is simple has “Success”, we have tried to marry the best philosophy of Apple, inculcated by Steve Jobs.

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Copia Commissione per iPad

Support and Development

Do not just create a product and placing it on the market, you have to support it and feed it to make the Best “User Experience”.

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2 How does work OrderJob ?

A short video We will illustrate the ease of use of the app. With a few simple tap you will create customers, suppliers and products, and then use them in the creation of your Orders, to be signed, print and send by email to your customers.

The import function will insert the information from the address book of customers and suppliers directly from your address book contacts. Through the Import and Export will be easy, import and export (via iTunes file sharing) your customers, suppliers and products.

6 Simple Step for your Order

Rep orders for iPad

Step 1: Agent Data

Insert your Agent Data

Sale force for iPad

Step 2: Customers Data

Add your Customers

Sales Force for iPad

Step 3: Suppliers Data

Add your Suppliers

Orders for your iPad

Step 4: Products Data

Add your Products

App for order management

Step 5: Create Rep Orders

Add your Orders

Salesforce for iPad

Step 6: Save and Send

Sign, Print, Send and Archive

Browse Products Catalogue on your iPad

Digital Catalogue for iPad

Step 1: Interactive Catalogue

Interactive Products Catalogue

Digital Catalog Products iPad

Step 2: Choose Brand

Choose your Products Brand

E-catalog iPad

Step 3: Your Digital Catalogue

View all products

Browse Products Catalogue iPad

Step 4: Browse products

Browse your Products Catalog

Products Catalog on iPad

Step 5: Add Product

Add Products on your Order

e-catalog on iPad

Step 6: PDF Export

Export in PDF your Products

3 Do you need customize OrderJob Sales Rep Order Management ?

OrderJob is versatile and can be customized to your liking. We can perform any application customization, with the possibility to interface with your corporate ERP system.
If your network has different needs than a sale, customer management, supplier management products or we can analyze the possibility of making OrderJob your application for Sales Rep Order Management . Contact us now, what are you waiting!!!